How to Survive Winter and Finally Enjoy it for Once is as Easy as 1-2-P

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“Winter totally blows.”  An old version of me might hear this, nod in agreement, and say “right on, man, right on.” A current version of me would dump smiles on this person and sing a song about how winter is a fantastic season worth exploring.  How did I learn to love winter?  By following the Five P’s.

What are the Five P’s?

  • Get Pissed
  • Gain Perspective
  • Get Poetic
  • Make a Plan
  • Experience Progress

Get Pissed

Getting pissed that it’s cold will help inspire you to do something about it. It’s not your fault winter is here, though it could have asked your permission first.

  • Get fired up. You know what getting fired up does? It keeps you warm. Stay pissed AND warm by getting outside and showing winter who’s boss.
  • To battle winter, put on several layers of winter-armor. Don’t be afraid of wearing more than one layer of socks or just one big winter hat. Double up. You’ve probably always wondered how many jackets you could put on at once anyway.

Gain Perspective.

After you’ve completely exhausted yourself from getting all fired up, it’s an opportune time to relax into winter and begin your journey into appreciation.

  • Winter is a great time to observe sensory changes. There are a lot. Every day, take time to notice new smells and changing colors. Be an active listener out in nature – see what you can hear beyond the muting snow. If you practice curiosity, you will be rewarded with new perspective.  Which is knowledge. Which is power.
  • Also, it is very very very very very very important to never engage in weather conversation — regarding winter, or any other season.  Chances are, if someone wants to use weather as a scapegoat for their torrid emotions, the season they’re most likely to choose is winter.  And you don’t want any part of that.  It’s toxic.  Give them a very long hug to silence them.

Get Poetic.

  •  Document your observations. You can look back on them in the dismal dregs of January when you think the dandelions will never ever come back.
  •  Share your discoveries with others. Help a friend out of their RIHC (reclusive indoor heat cave), and take them on a nature walk to marvel at the sparklie icicles.

Make a Plan.

Winter can be long. Prepare for a drawn-out winter by sticking to a plan and exercising a concerted effort of daily appreciation.

  • Every day, no matter how snowy or rainy or how big the hail, get outside (even if it means wearing a hard hat). Getting out during the day is very good for soaking up some Vitamin D, which has been linked to alleviating depression and the winter blues…
  • If you get home from work and it’s dark out. Get a good head lamp and take a few laps around the block to get the blood moving. Fresh air does wonders for relaxing the post-work brain.

Experience Progress.

After a short bit of time you’re guaranteed to see results. Take a look in the mirror and discover how your winter-face is now softer, fuller, and maybe even a bit proud, as if to say “I did it!”

Give it a try. With a little change of perception, you may even find yourself looking forward to the next 3-day Nor’easter!



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